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During the years of crisis, hence from 2010 to 2017, the Greek tourism industry achieved impressive goals and was able to uphold the fragile Greek economy. More specifically, the Greek tourism industry managed to increase the income up to 40%, while at the same period the country’s GDP was falling up to 25%! According to Social Security Organization’s available data, the tourism industry has added up to 43% job openings and up to 17% fees from 2012 to 2015, while the other economy sectors were varying in much lower percentages, some at negative scales.

Although the Greek tourism industry is flourishing however, the human capital responsible for this success is in general miserable. The labor exploitation cases in the Greek tourism industry are following the revenue-records of the industry’s experts. The professionals working in the tourism industry are working long exhausting hours with low earnings.

It should be noted that exploitation in the tourism industry comes in a lot of shapes; job insecurity, excessive workload, stagnant fees, delayed payment of accruals and violation of provisions for the protection of health and work of employees. According to the german magazine Spiegel, the percentage of work accidents, between 2009 and 2016 had raised up to 580%!

In 2018, we at Horizon decided to take our game to the next level. We are our people and even though our working conditions have always been an example to the market, we stepped up and took it even further. First of all, we moved to a radical refurbishment of the offices’ spatial organization template, espousing the open plan template and various other modernization acts of the corporate culture. The office spaces, according to Myerson & Ross, are “central social landmarks, which do not only affect the economic growth, but also culture, lifestyle, the environment and the image of the urban landscape”. The allocation of the offices is now formed by big spaces, with the offices place in a row of straight arrangement. The spaces are unified with clean-cut decoration, the personal office is free of objects, without separating interventions. This allocation plan reflects a company’s low power distance hierarchy. At the same time, rotation is both allowed and encouraged while at many cases working remotely is also an option.

Furthermore, we also made the choice to invest in the human resources and to strengthen the staff relationships. In order to actualize and embrace these decisions, Horizon needed to establish an organizational-virtue oriented environment. Those initiatives included hiring a full-time organizational psychologist, launching an annual educational budget for all the employees, investing in team-building activities and establishing the potentiality to telecommute.

At this moment we are proud to say that our work climax is one of a kind, our employees are happy and proud to be working in our organization, and the effort to become better has just begun!