People Drive Success

Greece, like other Mediterranean countries, is a market where most companies are family-run. The values of a Family drive our existence. “People drive success” is a motto in Horizon, and micromanagement has no place here.

We invest in our people constantly with training programs, innovative perks, bonus and motivational tools. At the same time, Horizon employees an in house organizational psychologist managing the HR Department, establishing a work climax of organizational virtue. All of our people attend performance coaching weekly meetings, team building activities, bonding trips. The company operates with open seating plan, while rotation is both allowed and encouraged. Also, at many cases, we provide the opportunity to work remotely when this is possible. We tap into the power of people and unleash the human potential that exists throughout our organization, always trying to provide opportunities for evolution, potentiality and work – life balance.

Take a look at the amazing crew we have established: